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Corporate Sustainability Training

Corporate Sustainability Training

Are you ready to pave the way towards a more sustainable, flourishing, and thriving future? We specialise in crafting and delivering programmes that not only engage and enlighten but also activate and empower your team for elevated personal and enterprise sustainability performance. Our goal is to equip your organisation with the knowledge, skills, mindsets, tools, and techniques needed to comprehend sustainability in the context of your purpose, business objectives, and relationships with key stakeholders, including society and the planet.

Session Details

Navigating the Tragedy of the Commons   

Session Overview:

Explore how personal choices influence shared resources in this online interactive activity. Reflect on the impact of individual actions on resources like water, energy, and food. Discover the importance of collaboration, communication, and alignment in ensuring sustainable resource use, fair distribution, and the preservation of our planet’s shared resources.

Team Harmony and Performance

Session Overview:

Unearth the principles underpinning high-performance teams and their role in supporting sustainable enterprises. While teams offer immense potential, challenges such as trust, conflict, accountability, and power dynamics can hinder effectiveness. This session guides teams towards becoming innovative, collaborative, and high-performing units.

Key Features:

  • Participate in a fun interactive activity followed by facilitated discussions for observation, reflection, and feedback.
  • Develop best practices, standards, and case examples within your specific function.
  • Understanding Your Ecological Footprint.

Training Session

Express Sessions (1 hour)

Immerse yourself in an enjoyable team-building experience that connects your lifestyle choices with global sustainability concerns. Through engaging online activities, discover how sustainability is interwoven into your daily life and gain insights into the impact of individual choices on the environment and the equitable use of finite resources.

Lunch ’n Learn Experience (2 hours)

Take a deep dive into best practices to enhance the sustainability of your functions and align with your company's overarching sustainability objectives. Explore transformative opportunities within your functions, focusing on areas that require improvement, such as green procurement and supply chain, facilities and operations, finance, and marketing.


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